Why is the client's outstaff better than outsourcing?
How can outstaff help him?
Quickly strengthen your team.

So far, no better way has been invented to scale quickly and efficiently. The customer chooses a ready-made specialist or a whole team who are immediately ready to connect to his project. And disconnect the moment the project is completed.

Another case from our life. The company had been trying to close a position for two months, while the tasks wouldn't budge and the technical debt on the project was growing. They did not believe in outstaffing. Eventually the client agreed to try it and gave us a test period of two weeks. The cooperation lasted for 7 months.

Our example showed the client that it was basically possible to work according to this model, and he brought in another contractor. True, they did not last long - but that is another story altogether.

Save money

A complex project is difficult to estimate from scratch on a fix. The budget will be directly proportional to the number of tasks on the project - the more there are, the more the contractor overbids, trying to cover all possible risks.

Outstaff allows not to burn the project budget, but to spend it rationally. Moreover, the client can flexibly manage the available resources, instead of wasting energy on arguments with the contractor in the vein of "the TOR we signed six months ago did not contain this, and we are not going to do it.

Looking for highly qualified specialists is costly in all respects: HR spends time on the selection and interviewing, the team waits for this specialist to come out, downtime comes out sideways. Outstaffing allows you to quickly compensate for the lack of resources, and the client can use the specialist as his own. At the same time, he has the ability to refuse an employee in case the project is completed. The outstaff gives flexibility to the team.

Gain maximum commitment from the performer to the product.

An outstaff specialist is immersed into the client's processes and atmosphere almost as much as his own employee, accepting all the requirements for work methodology, corporate culture and work schedule.

His motivation is comparable to that of a full-time employee, provided that processes are properly organized and onboarding is of high quality. As a result, the client has a proactive employee or a team fully integrated into their processes.

Saving resources

When project management remains on the client's side, the same part of the body burns for the client, not for us. The developer doesn't need to jump from project to project several times a day because "something urgently needs to be fixed" - he works calmly and immersed in a single flow, not wasting a single drop of resources on the switch. The main task of management on our side is the general supervision of the project and maintaining a good atmosphere in the team.


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